Natalee Durrant

Natalee graduated as a naturopath and medical herbalist in 2008 and has worked within the natural health industry since. Natalee enjoys learning and increasing her knowledge and is therefore continuously updating and acquiring new skills and information.

Natalee doesn’t consider herself a foodie but is very aware that in today’s hectic world we are commonly eating on the run and this often leads to suboptimal choices being made. Natalee enjoys helping her clients discover how to make good food choices; how to fit these choices into their hectic lifestyles and how to do this with ease and simplicity. There are no elaborate recipe ideas or meal plans, just education on how to make the best food choices to meet your own requirements.

As a naturopath Natalee is a huge advocate of teaching people the importance of self-care. She often advises on many different and simple ways to do this on a regular basis. She is a big believer that we need to look after ourselves first so we have the ability to support others and to make the best impact we can in other areas of our lives.

Natalee personally enjoys exercise and is a big promoter of movement and being life fit. This allows us to take on everyday tasks with full energy and vigour. She will often recommend some sort of movement in her client prescriptions.

Overall Natalee is passionate about enabling individuals to develop and maintain optimal health and wellbeing and supporting them to reach their individual health and wellbeing goals.

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.

How Can I Help?

Natalee enjoys supporting clients through a wide range of health complaints. She enjoys looking at the bigger picture and helping the client to identify and better manage the under lying causes of their health challenges. This is often done initially through diet and lifestyle changes as well as any required supplements and herbal tonics.

Natalee has had success in helping people overcome fatigue, low energy, lowered immunity; to better manage autoimmune, digestive complaints, low mood/morale; to gain control of weight maintenance and metabolic adaptation. She also specialises in fertility and women’s reproductive health. Natalee works within her area of expertise and has a great referral network to support her clients when required.

Fill your own cup and serve others from the overflow. 

Where Can You Find Me?

Natalee offers naturopathic and herbal medicine consultations virtually via zoom.

In-person consultations are available on Wednesdays from the Wellington Apothecary, 110 Cuba St, Wellington or by appointment from Wellworks Pharmacy Boulcott located in the Hutt Valley Health Hubb at 135 Witako Street, Epuni, Lower Hutt.

These can be booked online using the ‘Book Now’ option.

Don’t go through life, Grow through life. -Eric Butterworth


“I am feeling so well. I have never felt this good. I have found the connection between body health and emotional health through your consistent help.
Thank you so much.” B.R.

“About my appt next week.. I’m just sitting here thinking hmm do I really need one?  I’m feeling really good ( few aches and pains my osteo sorting) but otherwise I feel like I’m really on top of my health and things and know my limits and when to say no and take a step back – this is HUGE for me and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help and will always be so grateful!” R.B.

“I am feeling in a much better place and feel like I have a pathway forward with my health and wellbeing. Thank you soooo much for all your support and guidance, it is truly appreciated!” T.W

“Thank you so much for today!! I love talking to health professionals who want to help and not tell me I’m doing everything wrong!! Its encouraging!” L.C 

“Really appreciate your approach to holistic health and finding manageable ways to naturally incorporate it into an individual’s lifestyle choices. I left our session feeling affirmed and valued and motivated to make changes that are actually within my capability.” E.R

“Everything is going pretty good with me these days and I’d like to thank you so much for your help & time over the past few years.
You’ve given me some really useful advice which I’m definitely taking forward with me and I just can’t thank you enough for being there & the kindness you showed me during some extremely tough times for me.” B.H
Thank you so much for meeting with me!
I felt so seen/heard. It was an amazing feeling and very powerful! What you say and how you say it is so excellent. You explain things in a way that is easy to follow and safe to ask questions while not talking down to someone /making them feel stupid so thank you so much. A.M