Herbal Medicine

Herbs were amongst one of humans first medicines, in fact a number of pharmaceuticals available today have their foundations from herbs. Herbs have been used historically and traditionally by all peoples, all over the world right from the age of time.

Natalee uses herbal medicines to support and restore the body’s (and mind’s) equilibrium by encouraging the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Natalee also has a passion for rongoā (māori medicine), of which an aspect involves rongoā rākau (the use of NZ native plants). She hopes to implement this more within her practice over time.

Nature itself is the best physician. -Hippocrates

Herbal Tinctures

Herbal tinctures are alcoholic herbal extracts. Natalee relishes the multifactorial benefits of herbal tinctures and how using one herb can support several body systems; and when used in a combination they can work synergistically to treat a persons individuals needs. -This is what a tincture allows for, so each herbal prescription is unique to the individual and their needs at that time.

Natalee will often send a client away with a herbal prescription to get filled at a dispensary local to the client. She often works with the Wellington Apothecary on Cuba St, Wellington.

Herbal Teas

The use of herbal infusions (teas) and decoctions can be an easy, yet powerful practice of herbal medicine. The use of herbal teas by clients is both an empowering and calming way to employ your medicine of choice.

Natalee recommends the client either gathers the plant from the bush or garden or grows it themselves. Where this isn’t possible, she will suggest they source the herb from a local supplier. In Wellington she often suggests the Wellington Apothecary or Commonsense stores.

An infusion may involve one herb or a combination of herbs that can impart both a medicinal effect as well as an olfactory and taste bud delight.

Topical Herbs -lotions, potions, oils and creams

Herbs are often added to creams, lotions and oils to be applied topically to the skin. The topical use of herbs is not for skin complaints alone, but are often utilised in cosmetic products and hygiene products. Herbs have been used topically for millenia as poultices, compresses and baths to apply healing properties to and draw poisons from the body (and in some cultures the head/mind).

There are many amazing products available for topical use as well as ones we can make ourselves and Natalee may recommend such products and recipes in your prescription.

Herbs as Functional Foods

The joy of herbs is that not only are many of them deemed medicine, they are also considered foods and as such can be added into our daily habits as part of our diet. Spices can be added to meals, fresh herbs added to salads, smoothies or juiced, dried herbs made into teas. Some herbs are considered ‘superfoods’ which can also be incorporated into our daily diet.

Natalee may prescribe adding some of theses medicinal herbs-come-foods to your diet to help nourish and support your overall health and well being.

Rongoā rākau…

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