Lifestyle Coaching

Natalee aims to empower you in all areas of your life and this naturally leads to lifestyle coaching. Natalee is a strong advocate of the Te Ao Māori health model of Tapa Whā therefore she presents you with manageable ideas to support your well-being on a physical, mental-emotional, social and spiritual level.

She understands how hectic and overwhelming life can get at times and will brainstorm with you ways to simpliy, de-clutter, prioritise and balance your responsibilities so you can reach your goals without reaching burnout first.

Loving yourself more is the best place to start to solve any problem. -Kate Northrup 


Natalee is a big promoter of movement and being ‘life fit’. She believes this allows us to take on everyday tasks with full energy and vigour, without creating or exacerbating any discomfort. She will often recommend some sort of movement in her client prescriptions and regularly refers you onto specialists in this area.

Food is Medicine.


Another of Natalee’s repeated sayings is “Everything in moderation – including moderation.’ She is a strong advocate for creating balance in all areas of life whether this be work-life balance, dietary balance, a balance between socialising and solo time or exercise and resting.

By establishing a more balanced routine we are more likely to create an equilibrium that supports and will help to restore optimal health and well-being in all facets of our lives and within ourselves -mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.

Meditation - Mindfulness - Journaling

The benefits of regular meditation and mindfulness practices are profound -some benefits include reduced stress and anxiety levels, better cognitive function, and lowered heart and respiratory rates. These are all driving factors of more optimal health and well-being.

Natalee will regularly suggest simple ways to implement these practice sinto your life without them becoming another stressful factor -from mindful walks, to breathing exercises, to meditations to aid sleep the list is exhaustive and she works with you to chose activities that best suit you.

Natalee also gives significant weight to journaling. In her experience journaling can help individuals to brainstorm and discover deeper thought patterns, goals and aspirations; it can enable you to feel into certain situations, emotions and feelings allowing you to experience and move through them which she believes is a huge part of healing.

Self Care

Natalee is a fierce proponent of self-care and one of her favourite proverbs  is ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and  she often suggests ‘You fill your cup first and serve others with the overflow’.

Natalee often prescribes a number of self care rituals from frequent massages and relaxing baths through to a regular exercise regime and nana naps.

She feels we are own biggest cheerleaders and champions and we need to change our behaviours and self talk so as we better support ourselves and learn to trust and believe in ourselves. She often suggests we start with small steps as for many of us this can feel foreign and in some cases we can feel guilty.  Natalee strongly feels that by deconstructing of our old negative behaviours and replacing them with more supportive and encouraging self care practices, we start to feel better and enjoy all areas life so much more.

Tū pono…

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