Wholistic Nutrition

Natalee has always chosen to spell wholistic with an ‘w’ rather than without -holistic; for her this illustrates the ‘w’holeness of the nutrition she advises upon. She discusses with clients the bigger picture of their food choices.

Natalee doesn’t consider herself a ‘foodie’ but instead likes to equip clients with the ability to make food choices that will make them feel satisfied, give them sustained energy levels and support their overall health and well-being. The suggestions Natalee makes, she has generally implemented at one time or another herself and so feels comfortable in recommending these to  clients.

Natalee believes in everything in moderation. She is an advocate that you can make healthy choices and still enjoy life and food too!

80% wholefoods, 20% soul foods.

Dietary Advice

Natalee offers guidance around what foods to eat, when to eat and basic meal ideas -all based on your individual needs, nutritional and lifestyle requirements. You’ll leave a consultation with a list of things to implement in your diet.

Natalee prefers to work with a client to implement these changes slowly as she believes that slow changes become long-term, everyday habits where as fast and large changes become short term aberration.

Functional Foods

“Definition: Functional foods may be “designed to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions.” These are also regularly coined ‘superfoods’.

Food is Medicine.

You will find Natalee will often advise foods and dietary outlines you can add to your diet that will have added health benefits for your individual needs. She will give you ideas on how to add these to your diet and you may find that these are just everyday foods that you likely eat anyway!

Metabolic Adaptation -weight maintenance

Natalee will work with you and teach you how to hack any metabolic adaptation that has been stalling any issues you have previously experienced with either weight loss or weight gain. She will support you to have re-establish an effective and efficient metabolism.

Metabolic adaptation hacking does involve calorie counting, is time consuming and can initially feel a tad overwhelming, but Natalee will work with you to make this an easier and more enjoyable exercise. These are skills you will take away with you and use for the rest of your life.

Natalee’s aim is to have you reaching your goal weight without having to survive on very little food to do so and where possible she does using foods that are fun, enjoyable and diverse in nutrition.

Food Prep

Natalee is a huge advisor of food prep. She believes having food already prepared and ready to go can be a game changer for people who feel time poor, a busy schedule or just generally too fatigued to cook a proper meal from scratch.

Natalee will give you food hacks that make having less time less of an excuse to eat poorly. With these hacks you will be able to eat nutritious, varied, healthy meals regularly without feeling stressed in the kitchen.

Kai Ora…

Have any Questions?

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