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Natalee has had success in helping people overcome fatigue, low energy; to better manage autoimmune, digestive complaints, acne, low mood/morale; to gain control of weight maintenance and metabolic adaptation and help balance general well-being. She also specialises in fertility and women’s reproductive health. Recommended prescriptions utilise diet and lifestyle advice alongside supplements and herbal tonics. Natalee works within her area of expertise and has a great referral network to support her clients when required.

Fertility Consultations are suited to anyone who is wanting support with preconception care. (see F&Q for more details)

General Health Consultations are for anyone who would like a natural perspective in treating any acute or chronic health condition and would like support to gain and optimise general health and well-being so they can achieve their life goals. Naturopathic health care may also be used as a preventative measure and a general check in can help to assess and give guidance about your current well-being, diet and lifestyle choices.

If you are uncertain whether Natalee may be able to help you and is the best choice for you, please contact her and you can discuss what may best suit your needs.


Natalee has access to a number of different tests depending upon what you are looking for. Natalee often suggests blood testing via labs (she has access to SCL laboratories) and she likes to see any prior blood test results you may already have.

In regards to food intolerances or allergies she has access to hair testing and blood spot or blood draw tests, from which she prefers the latter. She also often suggests using an elimination diet where possible.

Natalee also uses DUTCH testing for hormones (this involves saliva and dried urine samples).

She has also done a number of microbiome testing and is on the look out for a new and affordable option here.

Natalee is also of the belief that it is not always necessary to undergo expensive testing, sometimes just through detailed questioning and information gathering answers can be identified and treated.

Natalee tries to make the tests achievable for and affordable to everyone and therefore only charges for the actual test, the time it takes to interpret the results and a follow up consultation where you will discuss the results and an individually designed treatment plan.

If there is any testing you would like done, please contact Natalee to discuss your options.

Food Prep 101 Workshop

Food Prep 101 is a workshop co-presented with Blenheim naturopath Fliss Austin.

Why would you want to attend a Food Prep workshop?

We are all busy people juggling jobs, families, social lives and to do all this we want to remain healthy without having to slave away in the kitchen every night. Food prep could be your knight in shining armour!

Food Prep when done right, can take a couple of selected hours throughout the week and shave hours off your evening kitchen slog; it can be the difference between you buying a pie for lunch and eating an amazing protein enriched and satisfying salad for lunch, it can be the simple breakfast you eat that keeps you going rather than the afternoon chocolate bar that gives you a sugar hit and causes you to crash later. Food Prep can mean sticking to the healthy diet over falling off the bandwagon and starting (yet) again next Monday.

Fliss will teach you a number of simple yet sumptuous recipes to make food prep easy yet delicious. You will go away with a recipe for all meals and the knowledge of how to tweak these meals for variety and fun. Those Instagram foodie pictures can soon be all over your page too. Natalee will explain the what and whys of food prepping benefits -of which there are many. From the ‘why we crave sugary foods in the afternoon?’ to the ‘what is the best diet?’

The two will combine their knowledge and you should leave this workshop feeling like you have a basic understanding of why to food prep and even better…..just how to food prep.


This workshop covers:

  • How to prep food for your week
  • Salad prep – including garden and roast vegetable salads
  • Salad dressings and condiments
  • Chicken and salmon prep
  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies
  • Carbohydrate staples
  • Benefits of food prepping
  • The basics of gut health

Please contact Natalee with any expressions of interest and you will be notified of the next workshop.

Wholesome Sweets Workshop

Nutritionally packed treats to dazzle that sweet tooth, co-presented with Blenheim naturopath Fliss Austin.

Everything in moderation….. we all like to indulge in the odd, sweet treat here and there and even better when these delicious treats incorporate the bountiful benefits of superfoods.

Treats high in refined sugars can trigger a whole cascade of detrimental health issues. From blood sugar imbalances, increased cravings and fatigue, to inflammation, lowered immunity, weight gain and the list continues……

In this demonstration workshop Fliss will introduce you to some recipes that will hit that sweet spot and Natalee will discuss the wholesome and healthy benefits of adding nutrient dense superfoods to your treats to avoid those refined sugar pitfalls.

Superfoods are defined as foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch for their kilojoules per serve. Adding Superfoods to your diet can be a great way of adding lots of beneficial nutrients to your diet without having to eat copious amounts of food.

You will learn how to make delectable, plant-based treats using foods that support your energy levels, gut health, mood, hormones and so much more.

After this workshop you truly can have your cake and eat it too.

This workshop covers

  • How to make 5 nutritious sumptuous, sweet treats
  • The pitfalls of refined sugar
  • Superfoods: What are they and what are the benefits of adding them to your diet
  • Supporting your health and well-being whilst enjoying decadent nutritious treats
  • Taste test indulgent, nutritious and balanced delights

Please contact Natalee with any expressions of interest and you will be notified of the next workshop.


I am involved in some events, talks and seminars and will post these below as they occur.


Below are links to any movements, groups or business’ that I feel passionate about and wish to support and share.

“This is a collective of people committed to healing the mauri of the whenua….it works by sharing this vision and empowering more and more people to give it effect”  -I feel quite passionately about this movement and hence feel drawn to sharing it.

Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata

Kia Kaha…

Kia Maia…

Kia Manawanui…