Mitch, like most cats experiences decision fatigue -particularly whilst sitting at an open door and usually one they have begged their human slave to open, and often on cold, wet days, letting all the cold in and the warmth out. Once that door is open, indecision sets in….

“Oooo it’s a bit blustery, am I making the right choice here? Do I really need to go to the toilet? Maybe I should stay in the warmth? Could I go out later? I wonder if it’ll be raining later? Hmm will the slave feed me instead? I wonder if it’s chicken or fish for dinner tonight?”

We humans too face hundreds of decisions daily and when we are feeling overly stressed and fatigued, we may actually be struggling with decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue may look like:
• Procrastination
• Impulsivity
• Avoidance
• Indecision
This may lead to us making risky decisions or avoiding decision making altogether and we may be less inclined to override basic desires and just go with whatever feels easiest at the time.

To avoid decision fatigue:
• Have a solid self care routine
• Start your day with the biggest decisions when you are freshest
• Plan ahead to reduce any smaller decisions -such as having lunch prepared or your outfit sorted the night before.
• Maintain some unchanging habits/routine
• Share the load -don’t let all the decision making rest on one person.
• Learn to recognise when you feel overwhelmed and practice self care at these times.
• Celebrate your wins -no matter how big or small.

Mitigating decision fatigue can be one tool to staying ahead of feelings of anxiety; it may allow you the capacity to cope with the bigger decisions life presents us and to do so feeling confident and decisive in our decisions. This in turn can build more solid foundations of self trust.

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